Botanica’s carpets (hand-knotted) and kilims (flat weave) are all hand-made in Turkey, Persia and Afghanistan with the finest quality wool and silk. Some pieces are semi-antique (70-100 years), most are old (40-70) years) and a few are new (0-15 years). We also have a great selection of kilim pillow covers. All have been selected for their quality craftsmanship, unique colors and artistic design.

Our collection includes many tribal patterns – Turkoman, Kurdish, Siraz, Heriz, Gabbeh, Sanandaj, Bakhtiari, Yahyali and others – which work well in rustic cabins and vacation homes. We also have a wonderful assortment of more “formal,” semi-floral patterns from Kayseri, Konya, Tabriz, and Isfahan, which look fantastic in urban dwellings and offices.

Wholesale prices keep our customers coming back again and again. Whether you are a design professional, or an individual do-it-yourselfer, you really must see, and feel, these incredible works of art to appreciate the value we offer.